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  Prepare Now for Random Trademark Registration Audits

  ONLINE BRAND ENFORCEMENT: Amazon's New Tool for Brand Owners

  Clothing Copyright Confirmed

  PAY MY FEES! Attorney's Fee Awards in Trademark Cases after Octane Fitness

  CAUSE MARKETING: Doing Good, Doing Well, And Doing It Right

  The Defend Trade Secrets Act - Fast Remedies for the Instant Information Age

  Computer Fraud and Abuse Depends on Where You Are, Not Just What You Did

  BIO HAZARD: Biometric Privacy Class Actions Over Digital Images and Fingerprints

  Trick or Tweet? FTC Cracks Down on Disguised Endorsements

  Virtual Minimum Contacts: Where Does Personal Jurisdiction Attach Through Internet-Based Activities?

  When Not to File a UDRP Complaint

Fifth Circuit Rules False Advertising Claims Based on Debated Science Subject to Lanham Act Liability, Not Protected First Amendment Speech

  Check That Label. And Then Check It Again: False Advertising Claims After Pom Wonderful v. Coca-Cola

  Aereo's Internet-Based Television Streaming Services May Be Wizardry, But the Supreme Court is in No Mood for Magic

  The Trademark-Clearinghouse and the Uniform Rapid Suspension System: Cost effective ways to protect your brands

  Starbucks v. Wolfe's Borough is Over: An Object Lesson in the Do's and Don'ts of Dilution Litigation

  Digital Pegs in Analog Holes: Competing Analogies in Digital Copyright Litigation

  Trademark Surveys: The Past as Prologue

  Behavioral Economics and Brand Management

  100 Years of Seeing RED-A Historical Perspective on the Second Circuit's "Red-Sole Shoe" Mark Decision in Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent

  Tactical Use of Covenants Not To Sue Headed for Supreme Court

  Being Famous vs. Proving Fame: Evidentiary Pitfalls Revealed by Coach v. Triumph Learning

  Firm Seminar on "Brand Power Through Strategic IP Management"

  New Policies Regarding Top Level Domains

  Applicability of Copyright Law's First Sale Doctrine to Foreign-Made Goods Remains a Gray Area Following Supreme Court Deadlock

  The DMCA's Teeth: Court Awards Massive Statutory Damages for Access Control Circumvention Online

  TTAB Proceedings and Declaratory Judgment Jurisdiction

  GENUINE GOODS GONE BAD: Recent U.S. Cases of Interest

  A RETURN TO NORMALCY: In Re Bose and Its Implications

  The Domain Name Universe Expands: Report on Recent Developments at ICANN

  Judges Speak Out on IP

  New Decision Supports Enforcement of End User License Agreements

  Addressing the Problem of Infringing Imports

  The 125th Anniversary of Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP

  Real World Implications of Virtual Trademark Infringement.

  Trademark Licenses and the New Franchise Rule

  Pattishall Attorneys Aid Paralyzed Vet in Suit against Chicago Transit Authority

  Privacy and Data Ownership Issues Arising from Use of GPS and Telematics Technologies.

  The Legal Landscape For Gift Cards

  Congress Enacts Comprehensive Protection Against Dilution of Famous Marks (Client Advisory)

  Nominative Fair Use After KP Permanent

  Clearing Up Confusion Surrounding Linux Copyrights and Trademarks

  Right of Publicity Emerges From The Shadow of Copyright Law

  Buyer Beware: Acquiring a Product Line May Put Trademark at Risk

  Grokster: The Line In The Sand on File-Swapping

  Can Fair Use Confuse?